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LHC serves a wide range of clients including; all levels of government in BC, land developers, industry, agriculture, foreign governments and AID agencies, water utilities, engineering consultants, legal firms, Native Bands, Aboriginal Affairs and Northern Development Canada, various commercial enterprises and private individuals. 

LHC has completed over 500 successful projects since inception.  Our main areas of consulting are:

  • Hydrogeological assessment,
  • Regional groundwater studies,
  • Groundwater resource exploration and development including Aquifer Storage Recovery (ASR) well projects,
  • Environmental impact studies related to renovated wastewater disposal to ground,
  • Water source approval applications and
  • Aquifer mapping.

LHC provides professional personalized service and takes pride in on-time and within budget project completions.

Hydrogeology, Groundwater Exploration and Development, ASR and injection wells, Groundwater Studies with Aquifer Mapping and Groundwater Computer Modeling, Environmental Impact Studies related to renovated wastewater disposal to ground, Expert Witness Testimony and Third Party Review of Mining Permit Applications.

Association of Professional Engineers and Geoscientists of BC
International Association of Hydrogeologists
The British Columbia Ground Water Association
Canadian Groundwater Association
The Partnership for Water Sustainability in BC
Aquifer Storage Recovery (ASR) Forum
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